Inspired by Space (or lack thereof)

In addition to wanting a creative solution for helping with my dog Heidi’s vet bills, living in a small space was a huge inspiration for my business. I have a 10×10 bedroom in an apartment I share with two roommates and my dog. Heidi’s cage barely fits in my room and leaves only about 6 inches for me to squeeze into my bed. After months of stubbing my toes on her kennel and cursing the cage every time I had to fold it up to move it out of the way, I was over it!

Jack's dog in a cramped apartment

One day, I decided enough was enough. I planned to shell out more money for a better kennel. I wanted one that was easier to collapse down and didn’t pinch my fingers every time I had to fold it up. It was also important that the crate didn’t occupy much space when my dog wasn’t occupying it. I was shocked to find out there was nothing online that was simple, easy, and space-saving.

I then wasted an entire afternoon (one which I probably should have spent studying for the next day’s anatomy exam) taking apart Heidi’s old kennel. I rearranged the folding pieces countless times and finally came up with a basic design that was more efficient and user-friendly. This was my first breakthrough moment. 

I didn’t know it at that time, but this was just the beginning of the research and development process that I would spend years perfecting.

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