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Murray Kennel Company is redefining the traditional dog crate with our innovative lightweight and ultra-portable design. Within seconds your Home and Travel (HAT) dog crate can be effortlessly collapsed and taken on the go. The first of its kind, the HAT collapsible crate also folds up flat against your wall for a space-saving layout in your home!

Companionship Made Easy

Award-Winning Innovative Space-Saving Dog Crate

Folds in seconds

Aesthetically pleasing dog crate that fits in every home

Convenient carrying handle

Ultra Portable and Lightweight

For Travel and at Home

Patent Pending

Will Ship Products to the 48 Continental States

Our Collapsible Dog Crate's Unique Features

Murray Kennel Company's

Ultra-Portable Dog Crate

Providing effortless transportable dog crates along with helping pet parents save space in their home is our main mission. Murray Kennel Company was founded in a cramped college apartment, so we understand the frustration of not having enough space for your furry friend. In addition, we needed a crate that could be collapsed and easily put in our vehicle while traveling! A traditional dog crate can take up a substantial amount of space, however the Home and Travel (HAT) Crate folds up to a mere 6 inches when not in use.

Designed by a veterinary student and dog owner, we have every aspect of your pet’s health in mind. Murray Kennel Company understands the love you have for your 4-legged family member so safety is at the heart of every product.

This visually appealing crate can be folded up and out of the way in seconds.

The HAT Dog Crate can be quickly flattened against your wall if storage space is limited. This crate also features a handle and can be taken on-the-go! It functions as a free-standing crate and travels easily.

Always traveling with your furry family member? Wanting an easier traveling experience? Our crate was made just for these occasions!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dog Crates

Our medium size crate will accommodate up to a 45 pound dog. This model is perfect for Blue Heelers, Spaniels, Border Collies, Beagles, Australian Shepherds, and Terriers just to name a few. Our crate will fit most pups under 22 inches tall and 33 inches long. View image to see how to measure your pup (View Image).

Contact us at if you have a size specific question about your dog!

At this time we are Pre-ordering the Medium and Large size Home and Travel Dog Crate. We will have additional sizes in the coming months!

Contact us at if interested in being one of the first owners of another size and to stay up to date on our products!

When fully set up, our Medium size crate is 36 inches long by 25 inches wide and 25 inches tall, and can accommodate the average 45 pound dog.

Our Large crate size if 42'' long by 30'' wide by 30'' tall and can accommodate the average 80 pound dog.

When not in use, it collapses down to a mere 6 inches! Weighing at 15 pounds, this crate is made for on the go!

The HAT dog crate is made out of a durable, pet safe plastic material and can withstand normal dog wear and tear. However, we do not market our product for high anxiety dogs.

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